Understanding Online Casino Gambling Rules and Regulations

http://cdn5.benzinga.com/files/bsp_gambling_games_3631219.jpgIf you have been thinking of trying your hand at some online gambling then you are not alone, because more and more people are finding it preferable to walk in casino betting. Just as with any other type of casinos however, there are a few rules and regulations that you will have to adhere to. The first rule of online gambling is that you have to be at least eighteen years of age. So, if you are under the age of eighteen this means that you are going g to have to bide your time with the many other online games that don’t involve the wagering of money.

The next rule that you may run into is that many online gaming sites will require that all new users download their software before they can begin playing. This should be no problem unless your computer is incomputable for it which it most likely isn’t. The next rule that you are going to encounter is that you are going to have to open an online account with the casino that you are playing at. This is simple enough and the website will explain all that you need to know to get your account open and stocked with gaming funds. If you live in the U.S. you may already know that there you can’t transfer funds directly from your bank to an online casino but there are ways to get around this rule.

PayPal Casinos

What Is PayPal

PayPal is the Google and Amazon of online transactions. They are among the first sites that made this service available to Internet users. Today PayPal is also one of the most used methods for online casino accounts funding. They are in one way an online bank that is on the net since the beginning of the web boom and have developed a faithful base of customers because of the security and speed that they offer.

If you create a PayPal account you will notice that there is a saving and checking balance available to you for regular usage. The checking account is not a regular account of that type because it uses checking cards instead of checks.

PayPal is one of the rare transaction services that protect your funds with the security of the US government. So you could never lose your money when making deposits to online casinos. One of the positive sides is the fact that there are no monthly deposit minimums and no hidden administration fees related to your account. Also each PayPal customer receives an ATM ready debit card.

Why Is It Used

PayPal has a simple principle of work; you can store your funds there and after that use it for various purchases or investments at a third party. Lots of online gambling players use PayPal to conduct online money transactions connected to online casinos. It has many advantages but it is probably the best way to transfer only small amounts of money.

Country Restrictions

PayPal is available in most of the world countries, but there were some problems with PayPal when they started so some countries are forbidden from the site. You should really check their list before you decide to choose this money transaction method to fund your online casino account.

Online Casinos USA

When talking about online casinos in the USA it is a common fact that players residing in the country have some difficulties with making money transactions to online gambling institutions. The reason for this is the law called UIGEA.
UIGEA is probably one of the most controversial laws in modern gambling history. It was voted in 2006 by the US Congress and came into full effect in 2009. The abbreviation stands for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Little time has passed and the negative effects on players from around the world are felt today. Very small number of online casino users really knows the details of this act. You should at least know that this law completely changed online poker, especially for players from the USA.
What Does the UIGEA Do?

There are two big misconceptions made by online casino players regarding the UIGEA law. First of all, it doesn’t treat online gambling as a crime and second of all, it doesn’t outlaw online gambling.
The UIGEA act is actually connected with institutions that offer financial services to customers and online casino sites. It strictly prohibits only processing transactions which are related with unlawful online gambling. The law doesn’t bring anything new in terms of gambling laws and rules.

Can Poker Players Violate the UIGEA?

It is hardly probable for an online casino player residing in the US to break this law, because the gambling at online casinos is not forbidden with it. The act just controls money transactions made by financial institutions. UIGEA makes it difficult for banks and online money transaction service providers to accept money which are meant to be used for gambling purposes.
The only significant difference is that today players that reside in the USA need to find new ways of funding their online casino accounts instead of connecting their credit card with USA living address directly to their online casino account.

How the UIGEA Was Passed

UIGEA had one really strange procedure before it was voted in the USA Congress. The regular way for a law to be passed by the congressmen is to be presented and voted. Well UIGEA was created as a part of a bigger law which dealt with terrorism security of USA sea ports. So nobody even knew what did UIGEA exactly stand for or had no intention of opposing such an important and must do law as the Safe Port Act.
What Were the Immediate Impacts of the UIGEA?

The UIGEA changed the online money transfer system in the USA gaming industry instantly. A large number of online casinos and poker rooms opted out of the USA market at the same day the law was voted. The reason for this is that it became very hard for them to service USA based players. Some of the online casinos continued to work normally. The reason that the online poker rooms try to proof is that there is no law that mentions online poker as an entity.

The Effect Of UIGEA

Gambling didn’t become less popular among players and online casinos have found a way to service their needs. Some of them have opened international companies that can accept payments made from the USA. It can be said that this is an artificial law forced by small part of the USA Congressmen.